단백질 정제 레진

Specialty enzyme

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단백질 정제 레진 - Affinity


rProtein G Agarose Resin
Protein G, a bacterial cell wall protein originating from group G Streptococci,
interacts with mammalian IgGs mainly through Fc regions.
Native Protein G has three IgG binding domains and also sites for albumin and cell surface binding.
Albumin and cell surface binding domains have been removed from recombinant Protein G to reduce non-specific binding.
Consequently, recombinant Protein G can be used to separate IgG from crude human or mouse IgG serum samples.
The coupling technique is optimized to give a higher binding capacity for IgG and minimum leaching of
recombinant Protein G.
Recombinant Protein G has been coupling to 4% highly cross-linked agarose.
ProGTM displays high chemical and physical stability as well as high flow rate, hydrophilicity and
high gel strength. It can be used for IgG purification and immunoprecipitation.​






 4% Highly cross-linked agarose


 Recombinant Protein G

 Particle Size

 45-165 μm

 Working Velocity

 30-300 cm/hr

 Binding Capacity

 >25 mg rabbit IgG/ml resin

 Working pH




 Temp. Stability




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